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FORM’s PUBLIC Silo Trail is putting regional Western Australia up in lights, bringing world class murals to grain silos, transformer boxes and iconic infrastructure in unexpected towns right across the state.

Central Heart Trail Katanning Newdegate Pingrup

Man looking at view of Gwalia and Leonora from Tank Hill.

Man looking at view of Gwalia and Leonora from Tank Hill. Courtesy of Tourism WA

You’re in Western Australia’s agricultural heart here, where the wheat gives way to sheep country. Start off in Katanning, and head west towards the salmon gums and salt lakes of the self-sufficient farming community of Newdegate, and to Western Australian artist Brenton See’s delightful murals of mallee fowl, western bearded lizard, thigh spotted tree frog, and red-tailed phascogale.

Although, with these creatures spread across four towering silos, we can guarantee you will never have seen such massive specimens. The next silo art at Pingrup is the work of Evoca1 (USA), internationally celebrated for his photorealistic style.

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Northam Internationally renowned artists Hense (USA) and Phlegm (UK) transformed eight CBH Group grain silos into iconic works of art, dramatically responding to the unique landscape of the Wheatbelt town of Northam.
Merredin Urban artist Kyle Hughes-Odgers created PUBLIC Silo Trail in Merredin’s 35-metre high grain silo in Western Australia’s Central Wheatbelt
Katanning FORM commissioned local and international artists to paint a series Western Power owned transformer boxes in Katanning
Pingrup Dog on a tractor, jockey on a horse, lamb in a man’s arms. This captures Pingrup’s spirit in a nutshell – or rather, in murals on three 25m high silos Pingrup spirit in a nutshell – or rather, in street artist EVOCA1’s 25m high murals.
Newdegate Native Western Australian wildlife took centre stage in sky-high silo art with Newdegate becoming the fifth stop along the PUBLIC Silo Trail.
Ravensthorpe Fremantle-based artist Amok Island created PUBLIC Art in Ravensthorpe’s Six Stages of Banksia baxteri, a 25 metre high wildflower inspired mural painted across three CBH Group silos in Ravensthorpe, Western Australia.
Albany The Ruby Seadragon and its Leafy Seadragon cousin, the 35 metre high and 50 metre wide mural now sits proudly across the giant silos at CBH Group’s Albany Grain Terminal.