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FORM’s PUBLIC Silo Trail is putting regional Western Australia up in lights, bringing world class murals to grain silos, transformer boxes and iconic infrastructure in unexpected towns right across the state.

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From every direction, the silos are visible as you approach Pingrup, a small community nestled between salt lakes and home to some of Western Australia’s most beautiful rare flora. There is also an abundance of wildlife in the area. The Kwobrup Dam is known to be a good place to spot the western grey kangaroo, brush wallaby echidna, blue tongue lizard and a huge variety of birds.

In 1983, Pioneer John Holland carved the track which linked Broomehill with Coolgardie, stretching 700km as a shortcut to the Goldfields. Today, you can follow this same track by car, however some sections require four wheel driving.

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The Pink Lakes.  These are a unique attraction situated in the shallow valley that runs between Pingrup and Nyabing. The area is covered by salt lakes which are home to a salt-loving bacteria called Halo bacteris, which produce a red pigment, giving the lake its distinctive pink colour.

The Pingrup Races, a lively country meet which takes place each March. Plus grab a coffee or a delicious meal at the new Store Cafe 6343 in the centre of town where you can pick up one of their signature lavender coffee’s.

For more information or to plan your trip visit the Pingrup Community Resource Centre


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Northam Internationally renowned artists Hense (USA) and Phlegm (UK) transformed eight CBH Group grain silos into iconic works of art, dramatically responding to the unique landscape of the Wheatbelt town of Northam.
Merredin Urban artist Kyle Hughes-Odgers created PUBLIC Silo Trail in Merredin’s 35-metre high grain silo in Western Australia’s Central Wheatbelt
Katanning FORM commissioned local and international artists to paint a series Western Power owned transformer boxes in Katanning
Pingrup Dog on a tractor, jockey on a horse, lamb in a man’s arms. This captures Pingrup’s spirit in a nutshell – or rather, in murals on three 25m high silos Pingrup spirit in a nutshell – or rather, in street artist EVOCA1’s 25m high murals.
Newdegate Native Western Australian wildlife took centre stage in sky-high silo art with Newdegate becoming the fifth stop along the PUBLIC Silo Trail.
Ravensthorpe Fremantle-based artist Amok Island created PUBLIC Art in Ravensthorpe’s Six Stages of Banksia baxteri, a 25 metre high wildflower inspired mural painted across three CBH Group silos in Ravensthorpe, Western Australia.
Albany The Ruby Seadragon and its Leafy Seadragon cousin, the 35 metre high and 50 metre wide mural now sits proudly across the giant silos at CBH Group’s Albany Grain Terminal.