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Western Australia's Brenton See will be painting our fifth PUBLIC Silo Trail mural at Newdegate this May! Brenton will start his epic silo on Tuesday, 29th May with a design we're keeping under wraps until the mural is complete. Come watch the artwork unfold in Newdegate or sign up here to been kept up to date as the mural unfolds.
FORM’s PUBLIC Silo Trail is putting regional Western Australia up in lights, bringing world class murals to grain silos, transformer boxes and iconic infrastructure in unexpected towns right across the state.

The project will ultimately create a trail drawing visitors to regional WA, raising its profile and boosting cultural tourism.  

As part of this trail, story gathering and social documentary project Homegrown Stories will offer a new way of knowing the life and stories of the people behind the state’s regional towns and agricultural networks.

Where will the trail take you? 
Check back often, find out where and what we’ll paint next and discover how the PUBLIC Silo Trail is connecting our regional communities with the world in languages we all understand – art and storytelling.
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Watch the trail unfold by following @formwa and share your photos by tagging #publicsilotrail

 Check out the making of the PUBLIC Silo Trail in Albany. Film by Peacock Visuals :
Kyle Hugh-Odgers Sketch
Kyle Hugh-Odgers Sketch
Kyle Hugh-Odgers Sketch
Kyle Hugh-Odgers Sketch
Kyle Hugh-Odgers Sketch
Kyle Hugh-Odgers Sketch
public silo trail albany by yok & Sheryo
Video by Peacock VIsuals, 2018. All photos by Bewley Shaylor, courtesy of FORM, 2018.


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Curious about what PUBLIC has been up to in the past? Check out FORM's previous work, and watch the beginnings of the PUBLIC Silo Trail in Northam and Ravensthorpe:
PUBLIC Silo Trail - Silo Art in Northam
Where will the trail take you?

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Thanks to the Australian Government's Building Better Regions Fund, CBH Group, Western Power and Lotterywest for helping make the PUBLIC Silo Trail possible.